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Baked Jalapeno Party Poppers Recipe

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

This was a big hit at the BBQ… especially with the guys.

Jalapeno Peppers (wash and drain) – with a sharp paring knife, cut a circle around the top and remove the top.  Use a butter knife or something similar that will fit in the hole and scoop out as many of the seeds as possible.

Fill the inside with a mixture of softened cream cheese and diced cilantro.

Replace the cap snugly.

Wrap a piece of bacon around the outside of the pepper, and hold in place with toothpicks (try to catch part of the cap, to hold it in place also).

Place peppers on a broiling pan (sometimes I use my baking/cooling rack on top of a cookie pan to catch the grease).  Bake at 375 until the bacon is completely cooked (cook for about 15 minutes on one side, then about 10 on the other side, but keep an eye on it – it may need to cook a little longer).

Other variations:  Mix green onions or a few seeded tomato pieces (diced finely) in with your cream cheese.  Be careful with adding ingredients that are full of moisture, as they’ll make it a very messy dish to eat.  Also, try mixing in some shredded cheddar with the cream cheese.

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Potluck tomato basil salad

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

I like to take this one to potlucks.  It’s so bright, colorful, flavorful, and healthful.  There’s not usually many healthy alternatives at potlucks, so it’s generally greatly appreciated.

Sorry – again one that I don’t measure. .. but that’s the way I tend to cook (unless I’m baking), if you haven’t figured that out yet.

- Cherry or grape tomatoes, washed, drained, and halved.
- a large handful of basil leaves, washed, drained, and shredded.
- scallions or red onions, diced finely
- celery washed, drained and diced (optional)
- 1 clove of very finely crushed, diced garlic (go easy on the garlic if this is for a potluck or public supper… most folks don’t take kindly to strong garlic.  I, on the otherhand, can never get enough of it! :)
- basalmic vinegar
- black pepper to taste

Toss everything together, adding only enough vinegar to flavor lightly. (you don’t want soupy salad, and the tomatoes will release their juices as the dish sits… keep that in mind.)  If you make it a bit ahead of time and find that it’s too soupy, you can drain the dish and add a little extra basalmic vinegar again.

I like to garnish with a small, pretty sprig of basil.

To “fancy” the dish up a little, I’ll place the bowl w/salad on a platter.  Fill the platter that’s exposed (not covered by the bowl) with shredded lettuce and a few quartered black olives for accent (or even a little shredded motzerella cheese), or crackers with slices of fresh mozzarella cheese.  Note:  Don’t mix the cheese in with the salad.  While it’ll be tasty, it’ll end up looking disappointingly unappetizing.


PS – if you like a little zip to your dish, add a hint of finely diced jalepeno.  Remember to wash your hands very well when you’re done chopping or you’ll be sorry!